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Forestry Careers

Getting Started in Forestry
Deciding to pursue an education in forest resources is the first step to a rewarding career.  Here are some other things to consider.

SAF Accredited Forest Technology, Forestry, and Urban Forestry Programs
SAF accreditation is a peer-review process that assures the quality of postsecondary education students receive. SAF accredits associate degree programs in forest technology and forestry and urban forestry degree programs at the baccalaureate and masters levels. SAF accredits specific educational programs, not degrees, departments, colleges, or institutions.

Choose Forestry: Career Brochure (PDF brochure)
Find the answers to the most asked questions about the forestry profession – What is forestry?  What does a forester do?  What does it take to be a forester?  Where should I go to school?  Where do foresters work?  How much do foresters make?  Is there a great demand for foresters?

Student Membership in SAF
As a forestry student, you are eligible for membership in an SAF student chapter.  Learn about the benefits of involvement in YOUR professional society!

Careers in Forestry and Natural Resources
With the many facets of forestry today, jobs are myriad—forest science, urban forestry, forest conservation, forest ecology, forest biology, environmental technology, biotechnology, and wood and paper sciences are a few options available. Visit the Careers in Forestry and Natural Resources website for a sample of the amazingly diverse and enriching careers in the world of forestry and natural resource management and science.

Career Building Resources and Tools for Students and Parents
Here are some tools that the US Department of Labor has developed with the help of the Society of American Foresters and forestry agencies such as the US Forest Service.

The US Department of Agriculture prepares a periodic report on Opportunities for College Graduates in the U.S. Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resources System with information about all agricultural occupations including Forestry. Additional information is available on the USDA Living Science website.

From The Forestry Source
Master's International Program Offers Graduate Degree, Chance to Serve

Job Hunting
Forestry Career Check: Neil Kissler, Three Years after Graduation
Finding Work with Web-Based Social Networking Tools

Profiles in Forestry
J. Edwin Carothers, Louisiana Tech University (retired)
In the Field with a Forest Service FIA Crew
Louise Levy, Coordinator, Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative
Dan Goerlich, District Program Leader,Virginia Cooperative Extension
Rachel Billingham, Community Forestry, PA Division of Forestry
Justine Gartner, CF, Forestry Field Program Supervisor, Missouri Department of Conservation
John Tuttle, Field Program Supervisor, Missouri Department of Conservation
John Twitchell, Colorado State Forest Service