Action Calendar

E:       Executive Committee or SESAF Chair
D:       Division
C:       Chapter
BM:     Business Manager
S:        Secretary
T:         Treasurer
CM:      District 10 Council Member
BdM:    Board Member
DFC:    District Fellows Committee

Officers Action Calendar

1/2/2019Notify SESAF Membership of Annual Meeting pre-registration deadlineBM
1/27/2019SESAF Annual Meeting, Mobile AL (Jan 27-29)All
1/29/2019Executive Committee Meeting, Mobile ALE
1/29/2019Appoint annual meeting committeeE,D
1/29/2019Division Business Meetings for AL, FL, GAD
1/30/2019Submit Form 1099-MISC to IRS for Business Manager Management FeeBM, T
2/1/2019Announce Fellows nominations deadlineAll, BM
2/15/2019Deadline to submit Foresters' Fund grant applications to SAFD, C
2/15/2019Deadline for winter newsletter articlesE, D, C
2/28/2019Notify National office of annual meeting datesE, D
3/4/2019Student awards: contact AU, ALA A&M, UFL, UGA for banquet date, & name of scholarship recipient. Select SAF member to present check and certificate.E. D
3/15/2019Distribute winter quarterly e-newsletterB, M
3/20/2019District Fellows Committee receives Fellow nominations from SAFDFC
3/27/2019Executive Committee Conference Call/MeetingE
4/15/2019SESAF submits 2018 Form 990 to IRSD, C
4/15/2019Deadline for spring newsletter articlesE, D, C
5/1/2019Forward qualified Fellow nominees to the Committee on Professional Recognition through the SAF national officeDFC
5/15/2019Distribute spring quarter newsletterBM
6/1/2019Deadline to submit candidate information for the Board of Directors and Vice-President CandidatesAll
6/1/2019Deadline for returning agenda items to HSD ChairAll
6/1/2019Georgia Hall of Fame nominations dueE, D
6/15/2019Deadline to notify SAF National Office of changes in dues rates, or request collection of local unit dues.C
6/15/2019Request Annual Meeting notice to be published in SAF and State publicationsE, D
7/17/2019Executive Committee Conference call/meetingE
8/1/2019Deadline to notify SAF National Office of SESAF or Division dues changes BMBM
8/14/2019Deadline for summer newsletter articlesE, D, C
8/14/2019Final program draft for SESAF Annual Meeting 2020E, D
9/15/2019Deadline to submit Foresters' Fund applications to SAFAll
9/18/2019Executive Committee Conference call/meetingE
9/18/2019Deadline for fall newsletter articlesAll
10/14/2019SESAF and State Division officer nominations and bios due to SESAF officeE, S
10/21/2019Secretary report to Chair on eligibility of officers nominatedS
10/25/2019SESAF Awards of Excellence Nominations dueAll
11/1/2019SESAF and Division officer election ballots mailed to voting membersAll
11/20/2019Executive Committee Conference call/meetingE
12/2/2019Deadline for counting of election ballotsBM, S
12/6/2019Notify SAF National Office of election resultsBM
12/13/2019Notify Business Manager of new officers and committee chairsE, D, C
12/27/2019Update Student Chapter contacts and faculty advisorBdM
12/27/2019Appoint SESAF Fellows Committee membersBdM
12/27/2019Notify SAF National Office of new SESAF officers and committee chairsBM