Tree Cookie Campaign

The Redwood Tree Cookie from Whitaker Forest has been a part of SAF's history long before its latest move to Washington, DC in January 2021. In April 1975, Dick Benner, the California Division of Forestry resident manager at the time, discovered the fallen Redwood in Whitaker Forest, located on Redwood Mountain in California. The tree cookie was then shipped and donated to the Society of American Foresters' Gifford Pinchot Forestry Building in Bethesda, MD, in September 1975, where it was hung on prominent display.

When SAF relocated its headquarters from Bethesda to Washington, DC, in the late fall of 2020, the tree cookie was carefully removed and relocated to the new office. The six-foot diameter tree cookie is displayed prominently in the office of SAF's CEO and can be seen by all who enter the office or interact with Terry Baker on video calls. 

The Tree Cookie Campaign is an SAF fundraising campaign created to support the legacy of the SAF Tree Cookie and the Society as a whole. If you are interested in supporting our efforts of creating a new cycle of membership, programs, and legacy for SAF and its members, please consider donating today. 

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Donate & Receive an Exclusive Video Call Background!

Share with your colleagues and friends you supported the SAF Tree Cookie Campaign with a unique video call background with a $20 donation or more. Two video call backgrounds featuring the SAF Tree Cookie will be available to choose from for use on video call programs, such as Microsoft TEAMS and Zoom. The video background will be sent out via email to each donor so be sure your profile has an updated email address. We thank you for your support!