The Future of SAF: Skye Greenler

May 1, 2019 

Continuing with our profiles of up-and-coming SAF members, this month we are featuring Skye Greenler, a doctoral student at Oregon State University (OSU) who is researching how post-wildfire management can promote the establishment of fire-resilient forests; she earned her undergraduate degree at Colorado College and a master’s degree at Purdue University. In her own words, Greenler shares her path to wildfire management and her vision for SAF’s future.

"I am a first-year PhD student at Oregon State University (OSU) in the College of Forestry studying forest management following wildfire in the western United States. Through my research, I will investigate how management within wildfire scars can promote reestablishment of fire-resilient forests, restore fire as a process at a landscape scale, and meet a diverse array of management objectives.

Since arriving at OSU, I have had the opportunity to meet with forest and fire managers, silviculturalists, forest ecologists, and policymakers from across the state to hear what questions they have, constraints they are working with, and opportunities they see for future management. Through this work, I have begun to establish collaborations and develop questions alongside forest managers to, hopefully, conduct research that is important and relevant both operationally and academically. I am excited to deepen these connections over the next several years and produce science that reaches beyond academic institutions and actively involves the folks who are making the on-the-ground decisions that will ultimately shape our future forests."

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