Celebrating our Sponsors and Exhibitors

September 7, 2022
Written by Aaron Rector

With the last blog post before the Convention, it is time to celebrate our sponsors and exhibitors. Without their support the Society of American Foresters National Convention would present a different landscape than what we have all come to know at convention. With this year’s theme of “Our Working Mosaic” that is highlighting the power of collaboration, let’s show support by stopping by and engaging with some of the collaborators that make our Convention run. For a current list, click here.

While at the convention this year be sure to check out our 61 exhibitors (at the time of this writing) in the Expo Hall (C & D Halls in the lower level) starting on Wednesday, September 21 and running through 4:00pm on Thursday September 22.

Also be sure thank our 26 sponsors (again, at the time of this writing) for their support of the convention.

This year’s exhibitors and sponsors include a diverse group ranging from governmental organizations, nonprofits, consultants, technology innovators, academic institutions, private industry, and more!

Like conventions of past, this year we will play host to a career fair scheduled for Thursday, September 22 and includes 19 companies, organizations, and institutions.

If you’re interested in pursuing a new career path, be sure to swing by the various booths for more information. Pro tip, if you’re truly interested in pursuing a career with the prospective employers, be sure to look them up online to get more information and hit the ground running!

Back this year are Sponsor/Exhibitor Innovation Zones! Innovation Zones are an opportunity to experience hands-on learning. These 30-minute sessions, some eligible for CFEs, allow for convention partners to showcase their products directly to attendees. Each innovation zone will have a theme related to trade, technology, or education. This year’s Innovation Zone participants are:

  • American Forest Foundation
  • Davey Tree
  • F4 Tech
  • Forest Carbon Works
  • Forest History Society
  • Forsite Consultants
  • Landmark Spatial Solutions, LLC
  • Lim Geometrics Alberta, Inc

The Innovation Zones are scheduled to take place Wednesday, September 21 and Thursday, September 22 at one of four locations (booth numbers 325, 201, 901, 925), at 10:30am-12:00pm and 1:30-3:00pm each day. Stop by one of the participants’ booths to find out when and where they will be presenting!

Again, thank you to all our sponsors and exhibitors participating in the 2022 Society of American Foresters National Convention! Be sure to stop by their booths, attend their Innovation Zone Sessions, let them know if you or someone you know is interested in pursuing a career with them at the career fair, or just stop by, engage, make a new contact, and show support!

Aaron Rector is a member of the 2022 SAF Committee on National Convention Programs. He can be reached at [email protected].