Seeking Continuing Education Credit at Convention? Keep These Tips in Mind

Written by Amy Juliana

Each year one of our convention goals is to build a program that fulfills the diverse learning preferences of attendees, enriching the continuing education experience and increasing attendee and employer return on investment. By offering a balanced program of technical knowledge transfer, hands-on experience and professional development opportunities, the 2023 SAF National Convention provides a  a unique way for professionals to help maintain state license/registration, SAF certification designation (CF or CCF), and other professional credential requiring CEUs.

If you are seeking continuing education this year, keep the following tips in mind for easy tracking, organizing, and fast submission process:

1. Understand which credits are being offered from which providers.

2. Know which sessions count for credit.

Continuing education will be provided for all educational sessions, workshops, tours, and select innovation zones led by professionals in the forestry and natural resource field and industry. Use this day-by-day continuing education guide to plan your schedule and to learn how much credit is earned by attending each session. 

3. Track and report your credits online.

  • SAF Continuing Forestry Education (CFEs) & Ecological Society of America (ESA) Continuing Education Units To receive credit for SAF and/or ESA, complete the provided attendance sheet or track online by scanning the provided QR code in your onsite brochure with your smart device. Continuing education attendance forms must be returned to the registration desk or CFE drop box before Saturday, October 28 at 1:00 pm to receive CFE credit. Forms mailed or faxed to the SAF National Office after the convention will NOT be accepted.
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Continuing Education Units  To receive credit, track your attendance sheet by scanning the provided QR code in your onsite brochure with your smart device. CEU attendance must be submitted by 1:00 pm on Saturday, October 28. Staff will report completions for ISA certification holders to ISA  post event.

4. Pay attention to the deadline.

Using the attendance sheet provided for SAF CFEs and/or ESA CEUs? Submit your completed sheet at the registration desk or CFEs drop boxes dispersed throughout the convention center no later than 1:00 pm (local time) on Saturday, October 28.  Be sure to take a digital photo of form with your smart device prior to drop off for records.

Digital forms must be submitted by 1:00 pm (local time) on Saturday, October 28.

For those participating in pre- and post-conference events, sign in sheets will be collected separately.  

CFEs for the live on-site event will ONLY be accepted by the designated time. Sign-in sheets will NOT be accepted if received afterwards. Be certain to not return home with your attendance sheet. Make your time in Sacramento count!

5. Contact us if you have any questions.

The Certification Booth is located next to the HUB and open daily. We welcome you to stop by to have your recertification and CFE questions answered, along with learning more about our new and exciting upcoming certification program - Certified Urban and Community Forester™.

Contact us at [email protected] with more of your convention CFE and CEU questions. 

6. Keep the learning going after Convention!

All plenaries and many of the concurrent technical sessions will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing online via SAF2023: On Demand. Access to the content will be complimentary to all in-person convention attendees and available six weeks after convention. Those who opt to not register for the in-person experience and are interested in viewing content for general interest and receiving CFEs can register for SAF2023: On Demand. Keep a look out for this additional professional development opportunity later this year. Access to SAF2023: On Demand will be announced for all registrants via email.

Amy Juliana is the Science and Technology Manager at SAF. For more information about the science and technical program, email [email protected]