Quiz Bowl

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About Quiz Bowl

The National Convention Quiz Bowl is a spirited competition among students at university and college forestry programs. For nearly 30 years, this annual event has brought together forestry programs from across the country as they battle head-to-head over forestry and natural resources questions for the almighty Quiz Bowl trophy. Sign up early as team slots fill up fast--only 1 slot left! 

Who Can Play?

Each school may field one team with a maximum of four student members currently enrolled at the school. Teams consisting of fewer than four members are welcome. Only one graduate student is allowed for each team of four. For schools with graduate programs only, teams may consist of up to two graduate students. Team members do not have to be determined in advance of the competition.

How Do You Play?

Tree’via Round
All school teams will compete simultaneously for one round of Tree’via. The round will consist of a set number of questions. After each question, the designated recorder will write their team’s answer on the provided answer sheet. After all questions are read, the captain will return answer sheet to judges for scoring. Teams must wait for results. See scoring for point allocations.

The top eight teams with the most points will advance to the second round of Quiz Bowl bracket play.

Bracket Rounds
The second part of the competition will be single elimination bracket play with the top eight teams. This part will consist of three elimination rounds. Brackets will be arranged at the conclusion of the Tree’via round by random selection. Each bracket round will consist of a set number of questions. At the end of each round, the team with the most points will be the winner and will move on to the next round.

Download Official Rules

Are You Ready to Compete? Register Today! 

Registrations will be on a first-come basis and the maximum number of teams competing will be 32. Registration will close two weeks before the competition.

Teams that register after the 32-team limit is reached will be waitlisted. The waitlist will be ordered by time of registration. During rollcall before the start of the competition, teams that fail to appear will be dropped, and a waitlisted team will be advanced into the competition.

Meet your competition. Here are the schools ready to battle it out for the 2023 title: 

Alabama A&M University 
Auburn University 
University of Arkansas at Monticello
Cal Poly Humboldt
Colorado State University
UC Berkeley
University of Florida

University of Georgia 
Iowa State University
University of Kentucky
Louisiana Tech University 

Michigan Technological University
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 
Mississippi State University
University of Montana

NC State
New Mexico Highlands University
Northern Arizona University 
Oklahoma State University
Oregon State University 
The Pennsylvania State University
Paul Smith's College
Penn State Mont Alto
Purdue University
Reedley College
Stephen F. Austin State University
SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry
University of Tennessee Knoxville
 - the reigning champs! 
University of Vermont
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
West Virginia University
Yale School of the Environment 

 Competition is full!  Sign up for the waitlist!  

Alumni & Audience Participation

Alumni and audience members are encouraged and welcome to play as spectators during the second Tree’via round. Separate spectator sheets will be available to audience members in the room.

Spectators and alumni will not be able to play during the bracket play rounds but are encouraged to watch. During bracket play we ask that spectators be respectful and courteous to teams, moderators, and judges, refraining from talking and announcing answers and/or challenges.

The Quiz Bowl Circle of Champions

What names are engraved on the almighty Quiz Bowl Trophy? When is the last time your school took home the title? Whose name will be added for 2023? 
Congratulations to all past Quiz Bowl Champions! 

 Year  Winner  Convention Location
 2023  University of Vermont  Sacramento, CA
 2022  University of Tennessee  Baltimore, MD
 2021  Cal Forestry  Virtual
 2020  n/a  Virtual 
 2019  Michigan Technological University  Louisville, KY
 2018  Stephen F. Austin State University  Portland, OR
 2017  Mississippi State  Albuquerque, NM
 2016  University of Massachusetts Amherst  Madison, WI
 2015  Michigan Technological University  Baton Rouge, LA
 2014  Michigan Technological University  Salt Lake City, UT
 2013  SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry  Charleston, SC
 2012  SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry  Spokane, WA
 2011  Oregon State University  Honolulu, HI
 2010  SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry  Albuquerque, NM
 2009  Oregon State University   Orlando, FL
 2008  Utah State University  Reno, NV
 2007  Penn State University  Portland, OR
 2006  University of Arkansas at Monticello  Pittsburgh, PA
 2005  Penn State University  Fort Worth, TX
 2004  Humboldt State University  Edmonton - Canada
 2003  University of Arkansas  Buffalo, NY
 2002  University of Arkansas  Winston Salem, NC
 2001  Humboldt State University  Denver, CO
 2000  Colorado State University  Washington, DC
 1999  West Virginia University  Portland, OR
 1998  West Virginia University  Traverse City, Michigan
 1997  Clemson University  Memphis, TN
 1996  University of Maine  Albuquerque, NM
 1995  University of Maine  Portland, MN