Continuing Education at SAF2023

Earn continuing forestry education (CFE) credit at SAF2023 to help maintain your state license/registration, SAF certification designation (CF or CCF), or other professional credential requiring CEUs, demonstrate professional development to employers, and expand your knowledge and skills.

How Many Continuing Education Credits Can I Earn at SAF2023?

Education Programming Eligible for Credit: 

  • SAF Continuing Forestry Education (CFEs)Earn up to 27.5 CFEs in category 1 throughout the week by participating in ALL activities – from pre- to post-activities to bonus learning with innovation zones and the poster symposium. For a breakdown of hours see below:
    • Pre-Convention and Post Convention Events: Full and half day tours and workshops offer attendees the opportunity to earn additional continuing education credit. CFE credit has been assigned to each event ranging from x-y depending on the tour and workshop.
    • Plenary, Science & Technical Sessions, Poster Symposium, as well as Innovation Zones: Up to 20 hours of credit available.
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) – The technical program, including workshops and tours will be submitted to ISA for evaluation. Stay tuned for ISA CEU updates.
  • Ecological Society of America (ESA) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) – The technical program, including workshops and tours will be submitted to ESA for evaluation. Stay tuned for ESA CEU updates.

Which Sessions Count for Credit?

Continuing education will be provided for all educational sessions, workshops, and tours led by professionals in the forestry and natural resource field and industry.

Education Programming Eligible for Credit: 

How Do I Report My Continuing Education Credit?

To receive credit and earn CFE credit, complete the provided CFE attendance sheet and submit your completed at the registration desk or CFEs drop boxes dispersed throughout the convention center no later than 1:00 pm (local time) on Saturday, October 28. 

For those participating in pre and post conference events, sign in sheets will be collected separately.  

CFEs for the live on-site event will ONLY be accepted on site by the designated time. Sign-in sheets will NOT be accepted if received afterwards. Be absolutely certain to not return home with your attendance sheet. Make your time in Sacramento count!

Certificates of Completion 

SAF does not issue certificates as documentation for earning CFEs. Your SAF CFE online record will track your CFEs earned. There is a nominal service fee ($30) if you are neither an SAF member or certified with SAF as a Certified Forester or Candidate Certified Forester. Contact [email protected] to pay the CFE review and tracking fee.

When Will CFEs from the Live Event Show in My Record?

Your CFEs will appear in your record 60 days following the event. CEUs will be submitted to ISA and ESA within the time requirements. Please allow time for administration and processing by SAF and partners. 

Can My CFEs Rollover to the Next Certification Cycle?

CFEs do not rollover to the next certification cycle.


Contact us at [email protected] with more of your convention CFE and CEU questions.