Top 3 Reasons to Sponsor at the SAF National Convention

By Lindsey Shrout 

Maximize your exposure, capitalize on SAF’s industry recognition, and make an emotional connection with your target audience through sponsorship. Sponsorship provides premium access through a strategic and targeted approach. Curious to learn more about how sponsorships can benefit your company? Read below from three companies on why they continue to partner with SAF at our National Convention! 

1. Brand Recognition

Sponsors find unique ways to make brands shine and leave impressions through lasting impression elements like window clings, signage, swag, and ads.

The decision to sponsor was simple: carbon is a forest product, and we are trying to increase recognition and understanding of how to utilize carbon to support long-term conservation for forest landowners of all sizes. At Forest Carbon Works (FCW), our mission is supporting the long-term conservation of American forests and empowering stewardship among family forest owners. Carbon finance offers a solution for landowners to conserve and protect their woodlands for future generations. The Society of American Foresters is an integral part to ensuring long-term conservation and sustainable management of our forests with their National Convention at the forefront. Sponsoring gave us the opportunity to support SAF in the work they are doing to conserve and manage our forests, and to support the continuing education and connection of foresters across America. – Sarah Ford, Chief Forestry Officer FCW, CF

2. Making New Connections

One-of-a-kind social and networking events like receptions, meet ups, poster symposiums and socials, provide sponsors exclusive opportunities to interact and engage with attendees.

Stakeholders arrived at NCP Coatings LLC’s booth interested in discussing tree-marking paint during SAF’s National Convention this year. Recognizing the marking paint manufacturer’s brand, Barkmark, NCP’s visitors initiated thoughtful discussions. After two years of webinars and online-only exhibitions, it seemed discovery and spontaneity were embraced by the in-person convention attendees. – Don Kopis, NCP Coatings

3. Interactions with Students and Early Career Professionals

Find your future employees through the SAF Career fair in the expo hall and online.

We were grateful to have many thought-provoking discussions with both industry veterans and individuals just entering the industry. We are always looking to educate and learn more about the future of forestry conservation in the United States.
– Bailey Evans, Green Assets CEO

These quotes appeared in the November 2022 issue of
The Forestry Source. Read the full article to hear from more of our sponsors' first-hand experiences. 

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Lindsey Shrout is SAF’s Business Relations Specialist. For more information, deadlines, and reserving your advertising space, contact Lindsey at [email protected] or 202-938-3916.