Investment Policy

TSAFs Investment mission is to build upon our educational and community outreach funds through the continuous contribution to, and wise investment of, available TSAF accounts. These moneys will be used to 1) support forestry related community projects through a competitive grants programs; 2) deliver significant and quality continuing forestry education opportunities for its members; 3) significantly amplify the perceived value of importance TSAF; and as a result 4) build membership and improve the participation of existing members.

The purpose of this statement is to outline a philosophy and attitude, which will guide the investment management of the assets towards the desired results. It is intended to be sufficiently specific and meaningful, yet flexible enough to be practical.

This statement of investment policy is set forth by the Executive Committee and the Investment Policy Committee of TSAF in order to:

  • Define and assign the responsibilities of all involved parties.
  • Establish a clear understanding for all involved parties of the investment goals and objectives for TSAF assets.
  • Offer guidance and limitations to investment advisors regarding the investment of TSAF assets.

TXSAF Investment Policy
(Adobe PDF File)