Hagenstein Lectures



The Hagenstein Lectures are a new, exciting, high-profile public outreach initiative led by the Society of American Foresters and the World Forestry Center (WFC) to honor the legacy and memory of professional forester William D. Hagenstein. The Hagenstein Lectures feature conversations about forests and forestry as the backdrop to foster thoughtful exchanges about how and why forests, and the services they provide, are essential to our future. These events spotlight natural resources professionals sharing their excitement and expertise with those who may not have given much thought to how important forests are to their quality of life. 

Designed to be catalysts for action, these events present an opportunity for speakers and attendees to learn and challenge one another to consider how forests impact their daily lives. All those in attendance will leave with a better understanding of the diverse perspectives on forests and forest management, and these thoughtful exchanges will lead to action with all working together to determine how to sustain these important contributors to social, environmental, and economic wellbeing here and across the globe.


W.D. “Bill” Hagenstein was a larger-than-life character, world forester, scientist, author, visionary, and a tireless champion of long-view forest management to provide tangible environmental, social, and economic benefits. Recognized as the father of native tree reforestation in the Pacific Northwest, Hagenstein was an active, working forester for more than 75 years. Among many other accomplishments, he served as president of the Society of American Foresters, helped create the World Forestry Center, and was awarded the prestigious Gifford Pinchot Medal. 

Hagenstein died in Portland, Oregon at age 99 in 2014. Thanks to generous bequests from his estate to SAF and the World Forestry Center, this Lecture Series has been developed to honor his legacy and memory and continue his important work.

Hagenstein Lecture Series Events

Working Forests: Growing Opportunity for American Communities

SAF's inaugural Hagenstein event on October 3, 2017 in Washington, DC focused on the connection between working forests and strong rural economies. The event honored former SAF President Bill Hagenstein's legacy by building better understanding and awareness in Congress about forestry and the role taxes, regulations, and robust markets play in supporting rural economic development and keeping forests as forests.

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Emerging Voices in Forestry 

The Hagenstein Lectures at the World Forestry Center (WFC) is a community event that brings together influential young urban professionals who are deeply concerned about the future of the world’s forests with fascinating, forward-thinking guest speakers (under the age 45) who are working on the ground in forests around the world. By combining their “Emerging Voices,” WFC intends to create a robust and ongoing local-global conversation about real opportunities to advance sustainable forestry in the 21st century. The event took place October 15, 2017 at the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon.

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We are wise enough to see a different future, not one based on our worst behaviors that are easy to demonize, but based rather on our mutual desire to find new ground and new trust, and to craft an intelligent, far reaching, and inclusive policy that perhaps none of us considered.”

W. D. Hagenstein