If an event was not preapproved for CFE credit, SAF will evaluate the meeting on an individual basis. This service is available to members and SAF certified professionals at no cost. Non-members are assessed an annual fee of $30.

Review Requirements

The following information is required for evaluation:

  • Meeting Agenda (Must include start and end times for presentations and travel time for field tours and stops. For category 1 and 2.)
  • Evidence of Completion
  • Post Approval Form


Evidence of Completion

For Categories 1 and 2

  • Program receipt which contains the name of meeting, date, and provider name
  • Certificate of completion /attendance with individuals name; date; program title; and provider's name
  • Receipt for hotel or airfare with individual's name; date; and location
  • Proof of passing and/or finishing any self-study courses
  • Attendance list from program provider including individuals name; date; program title; and provider's name

For Category 3

  • For an article, a copy of individual article with publication's name and date 
  • For serving on a committee, a letter, committee roster, or certificate from organization verifying volunteer activities. Please contact SAF directly to verify SAF activities
  • For a presentation, a meeting agenda listing provider's name; program title; dates; individual's name, presentation name, and length of presentation

CFE Determination

The following activities do not qualify for credit:

  • Introductory, welcome, and closing remarks 
  • Opening ceremonies/award presentations
  • Exhibits or poster sessions*
  • Coffee, meal breaks, and banquet/social events
  • Cultural performances, entertainment, or recreational activities
  • Business meetings or committee meetings of volunteer organizations, state credentialing boards, companies, and agencies
  • Transportation time to a specific site, loading and unloading, and dislocation to a point of interest
  • Work experience or on-the-job training

*- Poster presentations, where the authors speak regarding poster subject matter, do qualify for CFE.

Submit your CFE Post Approval Form and documentation through your account HERE.

CFE Post Approval Forms