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Reports and White Papers

SAF reports, white papers, and briefings serve as important components of our advocacy and outreach efforts. Often developed in conjunction with partner organizations, these documents offer policymakers much-needed scientific perspectives on a wide variety of issues including carbon accounting, forest roads, and best management practices. 

  1. Compilation report examining Best Management Practices (BMP) from each state for forestry and water quality.


  2. Amicus brief submitted by SAF and other forestry groups in the September 2012 US Supreme Court case on forest roads and the silviculture exemption to the Clean Water Act, Decker v. Northwest Environmental Defense Center.


  3. Journal of Forestry article from November 2014 on forest carbon accounting considerations in US bioenergy policy.


  4. SAF letter to EPA regarding the deferral for biomass and biogenic stationary sources from the Tailoring Rule and accompanying coalition letter sent to the chairmen and ranking members of the US Senate committees on Environment and Public Works, Energy and Natural Resources, and Agriculture.


  5. Journal of Forestry supplemental article from October/November 2011 on managing forests to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


  6. Joint report from SAF and the National Association of State Foresters in June 2011 reviewing waterbodies listed as impaired by silvicultural operations. 


Amicus Brief
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SAF Letter to EPA
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TMDL Report
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