Support the SAF Community with a Special Gift

When you give to SAF you ensure that we can maintain and develop new programming for our community. With your tax-deductible contribution, SAF will continue advancing sustainable forestry management, enhancing public understanding of the profession and the benefits forests provide to society, supporting and empowering the next generation of foresters, and more.  

To learn more about our various funds, please see below. You may also contact the Development Department for additional information and assistance at [email protected]. Thank you for considering a donation to the Society of American Foresters.

Kurt Gottschalk Science Fund

The Kurt Gottschalk Science Fund supports SAF Working Group communities of interest and practice (WGs) in the development and dissemination of scientific findings and new technology for foresters and other natural resources professional and to facilitate science-informed management.   

Gregory Award Fund

The Gregory Award Fund provides economic assistance to students or young professionals outside of the United States and Canada so they can attend the annual SAF National Convention. Through this experience, attendees expand their professional networks, explore career opportunities, and become international ambassadors for SAF.   

Foresters' Fund

The Foresters’ Fund is used primarily to promote forestry education to enhance public understanding of forest management, create awareness about the forestry profession, and encourage opportunities for youth natural resources career exploration. Grants are awarded to state societies, divisions, and chapters to support activities at the grassroots level that increase our impact and strengthen our organization. 


#forestproud is a cutting-edge communications effort that builds awareness and support for forest climate solutions with 18-34-year-olds outside the sector. We believe forests offer powerful climate solutions, forest management how we deliver those solutions, and markets and products are how we sustain them.

Mollie Beattie Fund

The Mollie Beattie Fund enhances diversity in the natural resources profession by encouraging students and early career professionals, particularly women and minorities, to become foresters and natural resources professionals.    

Ending Soon! Tree Cookie Campaign

Support us in creating a new cycle of membership, programs, and legacy for SAF through supporting a life of ideals, strength of leadership, and circle of memories. Like a Redwood, your generous donation provides a solid foundation for SAF and the profession to grow from for years to come. Please consider donating today. 

General Fund

The General Fund supports immediate needs to the Society and its members, in addition to providing SAF with the flexibility to invest in current and emerging needs. Programs supported by the Fund include, but are not limited to, SAF’s Student Diversity Scholar Program and the Henry Clepper Forest Policy Internship.  

1900 Founders' Circle

Join the group, of more than 150 donors, who’ve made a significant difference in the profession of forestry and natural resources by contributing $1,900 over a four-year period in programs ranging from outreach and education; grants and scholarships; and general support of SAF.
These donations made a significant impact by increasing grants that support public education and scientific research; creating the new Molly Beattie Internship; and supporting the engagement of professionals from around the world.
As a member of the 1900 Founders’ Circle you’ll receive a Founders’ Circle pin and a personalized acknowledgement at the SAF National Office to commemorate your donation and commitment to fortifying the profession and SAF.  

Program currently undergoing changes. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, please consider donating to any of the funds above.