Elevating foresters and forestry professionals working across diverse landscapes is core to SAF and its certification program. Since 1994, SAF established a pillar of recognized credibility and gold standard for forest management professionals with Certified Forester, and in 2003 Candidate Certified Forester. Now, SAF is excited to expand the certification program with two new specialized certifications – Urban and Community Forester and Forest Technician.

The Certification Review Board (CRB)—the governing body of SAF’s certification program—will oversee the development of these credentials from eligibility criteria  to maintenance requirements to professional standards.

As these new certifications develop, come here to view their current status and emerging details. Stay abreast of these developments to be among the first to earn one or both of these new certifications as you round out your skill sets and elevate your professional self.

SAF is the home for those who work to support, grow, and enhance our forest landscapes in the many places our natural places exists.

As a part of the SAF’s certification program, these certifications will:

  • promote excellence in the stewardship of our nation's forest resources
  • provide employers, stakeholders, colleagues, and the public a credential they can trust
  • enhance the credibility of the forestry profession across diverse landscapes and communities
  • set a recognized standard of excellence for forestry professionals who demonstrate knowledge, experience, and dedication
  • Certified Urban and Community Forester Credential

    SAF’s partnership with the California Urban Forests Council sprouted the future of this credential for professionals across the map. Together we had a vision for professionals in the urban and community forestry space, and now we are making strides to offer this certification to the workforce. This credential promotes the holistic nature of urban and community forestry that’s focused on resource conservation across the canopy intersected with the complex and dynamic infrastructure and stakeholder ecosystem.

    New! Review the eligibility pathwaysknowledge areas of the exam for the CCUCF™ and CUCF™AND the new SAF Certification Handbook  to prepare your journey today. 

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    Eligibility Pathways

    Forestry Technician Certification

    Forest technicians are essential to getting forest and natural resources management work done nationwide. SAF accredits higher education forest technology programs, and now we have a next step for forest technicians to advance in their career and grow professionally.

    The eligibility pathways are now available for the Certified Forestry Technician certification program with the exam domains and knowledge areas being published soon! Contact your Certification Team with any questions at [email protected]

    Certification Development

    SAF’s certification development process aligns with credential industry standards and best practices. Development relies heavily on the input of professionals through grassroot-based task groups as they consider the varying pathways to access these designations. Expertise in the respective specializations is needed to ensure that the credential meets the functions of that professional segment. Each certification will be designed to the targeted and defined qualification levels.

    A variety of task groups are required to assist with certification and competency exam development to build out each of the respective certifications. We want you to contribute to this important work. We are seeking a geographically diverse cross-section of professionals (practitioners, managers, academics, etc.) with varying related education and experience and from an array of employer and employment types.