Submit a Complaint

If a person believes that a CF or CCF has violated one of the Standards of Professional Practice, a complaint may be submitted to the Certification Review Board. A complaint may be filed by anyone who is aware of the facts and the nature of the alleged violation, including another CF or CCF. It is also the inherent responsibility of a CF and CCF to self-report a violation of standards 9 and 10. 

In a written statement, the complainant should identify the persons alleged to be involved and the facts concerning the alleged conduct in as much detail and specificity as possible with available documentation. SAF may request supplemental information. Please be conscientious and provide complete and accurate information.

Upon completion, mail the complaint, along with any documentation, to the attention of the Certification Review Board at the address located in the website's footer.  

Please download the Administrative Rules of the Certification Review Board for complete information regarding the Complaint Process.  

If at any time during the investigation the CRB discovers that legal proceedings are being initiated against the accused CF or CCF regarding practices similar in nature of the complaint, the CRB will immediately suspend further investigation until such time as legal proceedings are resolved. Upon notification that legal proceedings have terminated, CRB will again take up investigation at the point where it was suspended. 

Complaint Form
(Adobe PDF File)