Providers - CFE Preapproval

Remember the Following  

  • Complete agenda must contain the following

Times for presentations, breaks, meals
Names and titles of presenters
Brief description of individual presentations 
Length of time at each field trip stop

Note: A complete agenda is required to submit request.

  • Anyone can submit an application, but you do need an account. Simply select "Create Account" at the top of the page.
  • Applications must be received 3 weeks before the event and reviews can take up to 3 weeks.
  • Providers will be notified by email regarding approval or view your application online.
  • Events are listed on the CFE Event Calendar once approved. Providers can request that a meeting not be published by selecting "no" under the question "Publish on SAF website"? 
  • SAF REQUIRES attendance logs to note whether an attending individual requests SAF CFE credit in their SAF Account. Note: CFE credits may not be awarded if this information is not included! 
  • Providers must upload attendance records and certify, to the best of your knowledge, they are complete.
See below for Frequently Asked Questions.

CFE Categories

Continuing Forestry Education (CFE) is available in three categories. Providers can apply for credit in categories 1 and 2. Individuals must request category 3 directly from the SAF National Office.

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Provider Application Form

CFE Pre-Approval FAQs

What do I need to do after the program?
Upload the attendance records to your program entry within 3 weeks immediately following the program, and certify that the upload is complete. Participants will not receive the CFEs unless you provide the attendance records verifying their completion of the program.

Are certificates of attendance required?
Certificates of attendance are optional and at the discretion of the provider.

What are appropriate attendance records?
Registration records – Registration records should clearly indicate those individuals that registered for a single day, entire event, optional events, or were no-shows. 
Sign in sheets – Sign in sheets should be easily accessible for attendees.
Self-assessment reports – Reports should indicate that an individual passed the assessment.
SAF REQUIRES attendance logs to note whether an attending individual requests SAF CFE credit in their SAF Account. NOTE: CFE credits may NOT be awarded if this information is not included!

Who needs to add their name to the sign-in sheet or attendance verification?
Please ensure all attendees, interested in CFE credit, appear on the attendance verification. It is recommended that attendance is verified at the beginning and end of a program to ensure program completion.

How long will it take for attendance records to be processed and CFEs uploaded to the respective participant’s CFE record?
Please allow up to 4 weeks for SAF Staff to automatically update the records of SAF members and those certified.

Who has access to the attendance records?
Attendance records are available only to the Certification Review Board (CRB), state boards of licensure, or other credentialing groups to validate CFE credit for auditing purposes. The information will not be used for any other purpose or distributed to a third party.

What if I submit the pre-approval request less than 3 weeks prior to a program?
Provider applications will not be evaluated if submitted after the event begins. Participants interested in CFEs for the event will need to submit an individual post-approval request.

What documentation is a participant required to provide for an event NOT pre-approved to receive the CFEs?
A participant seeking CFEs for an event not pre-approved must submit a post-approval application, the program’s final agenda with time specifications, and evidence of completion. Review guidance and examples of documentation for Individual Post-Approval Request.

What is the course of action if a provider decides to appeal a CFE determination?
Step 1 - The provider must contact the Continuing Education Committee (CEC) of the CRB via the SAF National Office within 14 days of receiving notification of evaluated CFE credit hours.
Step 2 - The CEC will contact the meeting evaluator for a copy of the CFE request form, agenda, and supporting materials.
Step 3 - The CEC will review the information and render a decision.
Step 4 - The provider may appeal the CEC decision to the CRB. Appeal procedures will follow Section D of the Administrative Rules of the Certification Review Board. Decisions made by the CRB regarding the appeal are final.

Why would CFEs for a pre-approved program be suspended?
The CRB retains the right to suspend CFE credit at any time for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Misrepresentation of CFE credit approval by SAF. 
  • Use of the SAF shield logo, certification logos, or SAF insignia including any claim of sponsorship, and/or endorsement of a program without written consent from SAF. 
  • Major changes to educational content or presentation format after CFE credit hours are approved without notification. 
  • Failure to follow proper approval procedures or submission of attendance verification.

Such action will be posted on the SAF website.

What if a CFE pre-approved program is postponed for a later date?
If you are the applicant, you may proceed with editing the dates of the program within the event entry. Be sure to notify [email protected] if there are any changes to the previously approved program so the CFEs can be updated as appropriate. If you are not the applicant and the local CFE Coordinator evaluated the program, please contact [email protected] of the changes.

What if a CFE pre-approved program is cancelled?
Please notify [email protected]. We will remove it from the CFE Event Calendar so prospective attendees can modify their continuing education plans.