SAF’s Networking Value

August 6, 2021

Good day! 

Thank goodness COVID restrictions have loosened a bit, and some in-person gatherings are possible. SAF provides many values, and one of those is “networking”. Virtual technology has helped us stay in touch and get work done, but in-person meetings are a powerful mechanism for not only getting business done but also developing personal relationships. Going forward, a blend of the two options is likely.

Last month, I attended the first in-person Georgia Oconee Chapter meeting held since the pandemic. It was literally a breath of fresh air being in the beautiful Georgia mountains and figuratively meeting and seeing new and old friends. I provided an update on SAF at the national level. Updates on their respective organizations were also provided by Dr. Dale Greene, Dean of the University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry, and Tim Lowrimore, Georgia State Forester.  

This past weekend, SAF’s Board of Directors safely held its first in-person meeting since the pandemic and the first one at the new Washington, DC office. The new national office is “right sized” and well located to conduct business in the DC area and beyond. The two-day meeting agenda was packed, but we had a very productive session with most Board members in attendance and others attending virtually.  Many attendees met for the first time and were able to work on tasks in addition to the Board meeting.  

Last week, we were excited to kick off our 2021 Membership Drive. We look forward to us all promoting SAF’s value and reversing the decades-long membership decline. SAF’s strong value proposition is described in the materials provided to each member and will help us recruit others. By being unified, attracting members, and continuing to make SAF the best it can be, we will move from being poised to grow our organization and making forestry and forests better for the future to actually doing it. I look forward to working with you on that.

Please see the photo (above) of the Oconee Chapter meeting attendees and watch the video (click here) for a view of the Georgia mountains.

Best regards,