A Year at the Helm of SAF

Good day.

We are fast approaching the end of 2021 and my term as President. The time seems to have gone by extremely fast due to our year-round high level of activities. I have greatly enjoyed my term even with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which prohibited in-person gatherings for half the year. I have virtually or personally met many of our members and leaders and seen new places and aspects of forestry across the nation. I continue to be impressed with the dedication to and enthusiasm for forestry shown by our members and blessed to be a part of our Society.

I have learned a lot about SAF and continue to learn. We are a large organization with 11 districts, 30 state or multi-state societies, 150 chapters, 80 student chapters, and around 20 active national and Board committees. After decades of decline, we have changed the direction of our member "ship." Membership has increased by 4% since mid-year with the help of our "Together We Rise" membership drive and the hard work of our national staff and members who have helped recruit and retain members. Thank you to everyone who responded to this request for assistance. Anyone who has made or is making a living from forestry should be a member.  

Gifford Pinchot and seven others created the Society in 1900 to formalize the profession and put it on par with other professions. The organization continues to represent forestry to the government and the public, ensure forestry education and continuing education standards and records, provide networking opportunities, assist those seeking employment and employers, distribute scholarships and grants, and provide service awards and recognition.

Forestry is the answer to many environmental and social challenges such as wildfires, climate change, carbon sequestration, clean air and water, and forest products. I am proud to be a forester and an SAF member and look forward to continuing to be a part of our noble profession. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as Society President.

SAF is the "Founder and Face" of Forestry!

Henry E. (Gene) Kodama, SC RF, SAF CF

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