SAF’s Forestry Umbrella

July 2, 2021

Good day!

Independence Day is upon us, and we can celebrate our country’s 245th birthday. The Society of American Foresters has been in existence for about half the life of the United States, and we can be proud of that long history of successful service to our country, our members, the public, and all forest and natural resources. 

The United States has been referred to as the "melting pot" of the world, a place where "...people - despite their difference - manage to coexist and live together as one nation" and a place where "differences become less important than unity" (  Forestry is also comprised of a “melting pot” of forest types and public and private ownerships (One-hundred and forty forest types across 741 million acres per the USDA).  This “pot” also contains a variety of forestry professionals that study, measure, manage, and teach about these forests - including foresters, technicians, academicians, students, and a host of scientists in related fields.  

Forestry and SAF have broad “umbrellas” that cover all the forest types and also the professionals that work with them despite their differences which are “less important than unity.” By being unified and focusing on our mission of advancing “sustainable management of forest resources,” we will ensure that our Society will help supply the needs of today and tomorrow while making our forests and SAF better for the future.

While recently re-visiting Hunting Island, South Carolina, I was again impressed by the maritime forest there.  Many of these forests along the east coast have been removed to establish residences and commercial development, but this island is a SC State Park and mostly in its natural state. It is very unique and a parallel to the maritime forests on the west coast. These forest types are different from the other 140 or so types in the country but are still under the forestry umbrella and can be managed along with all the other forest types by foresters and other natural resource professionals. To learn more about this island and forest type, please click on the Part 1 and Part 2 videos of the July 2021 installment of the President's Message.

I hope you have a great Independence Day celebration!

All the best,