"The Fourth Quarter"

October 1, 2021

Good day!

We are entering the fourth quarter of 2021. As in a football game, we should assess where we are in our game plan versus the score 

At the beginning of my term, I mentioned I would focus on strategic organizational alignment; finances; membership; partnerships; and social licenses. I added society business structure during the year.

We are aligned strategically and have refined our strategic plan to improve it. Society finances are sound with a knowledgeable and dedicated finance committee, outstanding financial advisors, and a supportive membership that has built upon the stability that past society leadership initiated. Post-pandemic markets have also been very favorable to investments.

Membership is starting to improve, and the “Together We Rise” membership drive is helping in reversing the decades long decline and adding a larger knowledgebase to the profession. However, we must now all work aggressively to completely turn the member “Ship” around in a positive direction and keep adding deckhands and shipmates to better our voyage.

Partnerships are in place to make SAF, our profession, and US forestry successful. SAF staff meets often with major partners to address forestry issues.

Our social license to practice forestry is being enhanced by leading on issues and communications when possible. We need to seize every opportunity to be the answer to environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Our 120-year-old business structure is being examined for weaknesses, and solutions are being found to correct them. Local and national society levels are working together in this process.

So, the fourth quarter is literally and figuratively upon us. Our status and the score are being assessed and plans adjusted as needed for success. This quarter is going to be incredibly busy, but we are aligned and ready for the tasks ahead. In-person meetings have restarted, and Terry, other officers, and I are traveling frequently to participate in state events. See the below photo for a peek into this week’s Great Plains Society meeting in Nebraska.

Thank you for your service to SAF and our profession!

Pictured above (l. to r.): President Kodama joins SAF members Steve Rasmussen, Dennis Carlson, Luke Terry, and Larry Biles at the Great Plains SAF Annual Meeting. Gene Kodama has been an SAF member for 46 years, Steve Rasmussen for 40 years, Dennis Carlson for 30 years, Luke Terry for 5 years, and Larry Biles for 54 years. Biles is also the 2021 GP Society Vice Chair and HSD Vice Chair.