Celebrating 2022 Accomplishments: New Candidate Certified Foresters and Certified Foresters

January 24, 2023

Join us in congratulating the 68 professional foresters who became SAF certified as Candidate Certified Foresters (CCFs) or Certified Foresters (CFs) in 2022. Within the next five years, 25 of the new 26 CCFs will work towards earning their CF credentials. One CCF already leveled up to CF within the year.

SAF certification is the gold standard for forest management professionals, recognized by the forest industry, government officials, and landowners. The Certified Forester credential is for SAF members and non-members promoting excellence in the stewardship of our nation’s forest resources through enhanced professionalism in forestry.

Congratulations to these 25 new Candidate Certified Foresters (CCFs) and the 43 new Certified Foresters (CFs), 12 of whom transitioned from CCFs to CFs!

District 1
Cody Davis, CF
Gregory Howisey, CF
Alexander Pancoast, CF

District 2
Kyle Goeke Dee, CCF
Sandy Letzing, CF
Seth Parker, CCF
Jacob Putney, CF
Andrew Russo, CCF
Amanda Sullivan-Astor, CF
Kyle Sullivan-Astor, CF

District 4
Anthony Auciello, CF
Kurt Fesenmyer, CCF
Ana Carolina Manriquez Espinoza, CF
Kelly Norris, CF
Brandon Prehn, CCF
Austin Shelby, CF
Joshua Sloan, CF
Justin Ziegler, CF

District 5
Nia Becker, CF
Elizabeth Johnson, CCF
Lyndsey Johnston, CCF
Ashley Laux, CCF
Michael MacEachron, II, CCF
Joe Nash, CCF
Nathan Nicholls, CCF
Michael Paling, CF
Emma Schultz, CF
Christian Stevens, CCF
Joel Taylor, CCF

District 6
Ryan Bourque, CF
Rhys Brydon-Williams, CCF
Richard Denial, CF
Kevin Fink, CCF
Sierra Giraud, CF
Emily Kuhlkin, CCF
Kellen Murphy, CF
Annabel Roberts-McMichael, CCF
Justin Saville, CF
Maria Smerczynski, CF
Richard St. Amand, CF

District 7
Travis Cunningham, CF
Robert Eckenrode, CF
Jeffrey Lee, CCF
Van Wagner, CF

District 8
Colin Carroll, CCF
Jessica Eidson, CCF
Travis Hughes, CF
Christian Ingraham, CF
Shawn Swartz, CF
Jason Woodfin, CF
Cakey Worthington, CF

District 9
Walter Chan, CF
Jonathan Evers, CF
Michael Hall, CF
Henry Lieberman, CF
Jonathan Marden, CF
Jordan Nanney, CF
Benjamin Robinson, CF
Cade Schmitz, CCF
Zachary Spires, CCF
Andrew Suseland, CF

District 10
Jake Blackstock, CCF
Raymond Geisel, III, CF
Gregg Slezak, CF

District 11
Erin Davis, CF*
Jake Hill, CCF
Taylor Linke, CCF
Benjamin Moore, CF

*Certified Forester(s) who earned CCF designation and transitioned to CF within the same calendar year.

We can’t wait to see who we will celebrate in January 2024. You could be on this list next! Districts 4 and 8 jump started 2023 with this year’s first CCFs. Which SAF District will celebrate the most new CCFs and CFs this time next year?