SAF Educates Congressional Staffers on Capitol Hill with New Educational Series

May 16, 2023

SAF is a proud member of the Forest-Climate Working Group (FCWG), which is the only coalition of forest sector organizations addressing the essential role of forests in mitigating climate change.

The FCWG recently restarted its Latte and Learn educational series, which brings forest sector experts to Capitol Hill to educate staffers on the power of forests and forest products to reduce carbon emissions and protect our nation from climate-change impacts. 

The first session in the series was on May 12 at the United States Capitol Visitor Center and covered "Forest Carbon 101" for the staffers in attendance.

The first technical speaker of the session was SAF's Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Danielle Watson, who primed the audience with an overview of how forests sequester and store carbon, the greatest challenges to carbon stability, and the power of science-based forest management to balance the suite of benefits that forests provide for society.

Watson's presentation was followed by presentations from Kendall DeLyser of American Forests and Nathan Truitt of the American Forest Foundation, who respectively covered forest resilience strategies and forest carbon markets. Kathryn Maloney of Michigan State University’s Forest Carbon and Climate Program served as the session moderator.

SAF strives to educate the public and policymakers on the essential role that forests and forestry professionals play in ensuring a sustainable future for society. We will continue to keep you aware of these and other events that contribute to the credibility of our profession.

This work is made possible by the FCWG and the support of our SAF members. Not a member? Consider joining today