"SAF Working Groups" Changes Name to "SAF Communities of Interest"

April 17, 2024

The Board of Directors has approved the Forest Science & Technology Board's proposal to rename SAF "Working Groups" to "Communities of Interest."

The shift aims to dispel misconceptions and create an environment where individuals can engage based on personal interest and passion rather than perceiving membership as a time-consuming obligation. This is especially crucial as the goal of these groups is to unite members as communities, fostering collaboration, and shared enthusiasm rather than imposing a mandatory workload.

SAF Communities of Interest are comprised, shaped, and led by SAF members, who focus on enriching forest science and practice, connect members across the nation, share a concern or passion for something they do, and learn and discuss solutions on how to improve challenges through collaborative efforts.

Members are encouraged to enroll in and engage in any of the 25 Communities of Interest--many of which are seeking volunteer involvement for organizing or leading. Community leaders are interested in deeper engagement on a national level. Learn more and enroll in a community by visiting our website

For questions, please contact [email protected].